The Thing That Wouldn't Flush

The next big sci-fi horror movie! A supernatural alien thriller! Get ready for the most horrific thing to every come out of a toilet. B-Movie Art on T-Shirts! More stuff...

The Thing That Wouldn't Flush! Watch the video on YouTube.

Have you seen “Creatures From The Earth Planet?” No. Well, we should watch in the 3D cinema! GET THE T-SHIRT!

See! B-Movie Monsters! Robots! Aliens! on T-Shirts!

The Thing With Too Many Eyes! A monster with even more eyes than the b-movie classic The Beast With A Million Eyes! GET THE T-SHIRT!

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They Kept Hitler's Head! And did weird stuff with it! A parody of the b-movie classic The Madmen of Mandoras (AKA They Saved Hitler's Brain!) GET THE T-SHIRT!

Thug Life. Pew Pew Pew! GET THE T-SHIRT!

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