Look Cool Not Work (Power Glove)

I just want to look cool and not work. GET THE T-SHIRT. Are you living the Power Glove life? Lookin' cool while not accomplishing anything? I know I am. The perfect gift for retro gaming dads this Father's Day. And check out all my tees in my Threadless Shop.

Bad Movie Romance

Greg Sestero's book The Disaster Artist, (about the making of Tommy Wiseau's The Room) became a source inspiration for my Bad Movie Comics. Now we have James Franco's The Disaster Artist, and once again I am inspired. Watch the video. More Valentine's stuff...

Robot Movie Reboot

Imagine a world where a robot goes to the movies and it has only one question, "They call this a Reboot?" GET THE T-SHIRT. And be sure to check out my other Sci-fi Movie themed T-Shirts in My Shop.

Killer Man

Who is Killer Man... The Man Who Kills Teenagers? Does he have a tragic back story filled with torment, loss, or science gone wrong? If you enjoy my Bad Movie Comics you'll want to check out my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH.