Halloween Creep

It's Halloween time, but for Creeps like me everyday is filled with monsters, horror flicks, and pretending to be or fight-off zombies. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Horror Movie Killers are on the lose! Watch this on YouTube.

Hey Don’t Die! Horrible Halloween Safety Tips by @jarhumor

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Horror Movie fans know that Zombies and Werewolves will bit whoever! But not vampires; Dracula is far too classy to go around sucking on just anyone. Undead creatures of the night have standards. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Human Halloween! Aliens don't get it, but I'll do my best to explain what humans (both the out going party people and the anti-social nerds) do on this strange Earth holiday. Check out the full length comic strips and the Video on YouTube.

Vampires know a lot about sucking because they’ve been in a bunch of awful horror movies. Also, they suck people’s blood… Hey, yeah… they suck blood! ...I just got it. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Check my Bad Movie Comics video: Horror Movie Killers!

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