Scary Xmas

When I was a kid, Tales From the Crypt put out a Christmas album called "Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas," which really got me into holiday horror parody. And to this day it is the only xmas music I can stand. Check out my Sci-Fi Horror Comedy T-Shirts!

Christmas horror parody at its finest.

It's a Killer Klown xmas!

The Creeping Eye sees all! ...and a lot of it is gross.


Show Them You Scare valentines. Get this Greeting Card.

Aye, a printable Leprechaun mask... For St. Patrick's Day!

Like something out of a Cronenberg Sci-fi Horror movie comes the nightmare fuel that is Bug Bunny! The Easter THING that lays colorful eggs for Jeezus! GET THE T-SHIRT!

For Mother’s Day, I present this work of B-Movie horror THEY CAME FROM YOUR VAGINA! They Have Made You A Zombie Slave! They Have Made You A Macaroni Necklace!

It's Halloween time, but for Creeps like me everyday is filled with monsters, horror flicks, and pretending to be or fight-off zombies. GET THE T-SHIRT!