Show Them You Scare

I Am Going To Murder You With Hugs And Kisses. Friday the 13th Valentine: Greeting Card, Poster, iPhone Case, T-Shirt, Coffee Mug.

More Horror-themed Valentines...

You Are the Shark to My Tornado! A TV b-movie Valentine! 

Critters Valentine. Greeting Card, Poster, T-Shirt.

Killer Klown Valentine: Greeting Card, Poster, Pillow, Mug.

Some Not so Scary Robot Lovin...

For Valentine’s Day I have drawn myself as a human boombox flipping the sexy switch on this love machine. Art Print, Greeting Card, T-Shirt, Poster, iPhone Case, StickerCoffee Mug.

Quick! Cover yourself with Monster and Robot T-Shirts!

They Kept Hitler's Head! And did weird stuff with it! A parody of the b-movie classic The Madmen of Mandoras (AKA They Saved Hitler's Brain!) Art Print, T-Shirt, Poster, Pillow, Sticker, Coffee Mug.

 Hope you had a Scary Xmas!