Robot Love

For Valentine’s Day I have drawn myself as a human boombox flipping the sexy switch on this love machine. GET THE T-SHIRT!

I Love Bad Movies! Yes, horrible Sci-Fi Horror movies have always been my one true love. This video contains too many shower scenes! Girls at a sleepover with chainsaws! The Troll 2 queen! A Vampire, Robot, Schoolgirl love triangle! AND a Space Monster in love!

SHARE the love with these funny sci-fi horror valentines. Cuz nothing says "I love you, you Weirdo" like Aliens, Bugs, Chainsaws, and Robots. Get this Valentine's Day card as a Printable PDF.

Bug someone this Valentine's Day. Get the Printable PDF.

Our Love is Loud & Gross. Get the Printable PDF.

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This is part 3 of Laser Sword Jones Vs. The Jive Ass Space Monster. My Sci-Fi Blaxploitation screenplay. Watch this video on YouTube.

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