Human Halloween

Human Halloween! Aliens don't get it, but I'll do my best to explain what humans (both the out going party people and the anti-social nerds) do on this strange Earth holiday. Check out the full length comic strips and the Video on YouTube. Plus, you can find this alien on Human T-shirts in my SHOP.

How would you explain Halloween to an Alien? - @jarhumor

Halloween isn't just weird because it's the one time of year strangers are allowed to give kids candy. You try explaining to an alien why Super Mario is making out with Sexy Harry Potter!

Halloween is all about watching horror movies!

Have you seen “Creatures From The Earth Planet?” No. Well, we should watch in the 3D cinema! Get my humorous alien art on a human t-shirt in my SHOP. More Alien Art...

Let’s Get Off This Planet! So, now that we know there's water on Mars, lets hurry up with the beach front resorts. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Yes, this mutant space octopus did try to blow up Earth and enslave the human race, but he hopes that you’re willing to just hug it out, bro. Inspired by the b-movie classic Octaman. GET THE T-SHIRT!

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