Last Omega Legend

The End of Human People (aka Last Omega Legend) tells the story of Joe Human, the last of people-kind wondering a wasteland full of robots, aliens, and mutants. Much like The Last Man on Earth, or The Omega Man, or I am Legend. Watch the Video on YouTube. The Last Man on Earth, or The Omega Man, or I am Legend.

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Bad Movie Gold - Sharknado Parody - Sci-Fi Comedy

It was just a normal sleepover for three friends until a psycho killer broke loose. Also, zombies from another dimension with chainsaws. Watch the Video on YouTube. But, look out, cuz the girls also have chainsaws. (Very) loosely inspired by the 80's horror classic The Slumber Party Massacre.

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The Monster That Made Me Crap My Pants! A parody of the B-movie classic The Monster That Challenged The World. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Vampires know a lot about sucking because they’ve been in a bunch of awful horror movies. Also, they suck people’s blood… Hey, yeah… they suck blood! ...I just got it. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Believing is Seeing - Wisdom of the Eye - Sci-Fi Comic