Sci-Fi Horror Screenplay

This comic is part of my What Do You REALLY Want to Do? video.

(Step One) KNOW what you want to do. (Step Two) FEEL good about it-- Get excited. Put some EMOTION into it. (Step Three) THINK about it. Get obsessed with it. Imagine yourself doing it... because your THOUGHTS and your FEELINGS will inspire (Step Four) taking ACTION... the ideas will come... Watch the video on YouTube.

What are your interests? What gets you excited? What do you LOVE? Can you do something with it? Can you draw the thing you LOVE? Make a video about it? Write about it? Sing a song about it? Decorate a cake with it?

This comic is now a YouTube video called The Screenplay Deal.

From "Family Friendly Fluff" to Horror Movies...

This comic is now a YouTube video called In Our Horror Movie.

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