Cartoonist / Writer / Actor
James A. Roberson (JARHUMOR)

"I Love Movies, TV, Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, and Cats."

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Fans & Weirdos please contact me via the twitter @jarhumor

Hello, I'm James A. Roberson (known as JARHUMOR on the internet.) I am a major Movie / TV nerd who always wanted to become a filmmaker or actor; I ended up as a cartoonist that creates comics about me making movies. I also create parody sci-fi art for t-shirts and I write spoof movie screenplays, (which I act out in YouTube videos.) ...It's almost the filmmaking and acting career I wanted.
My Book
I have put together my first book called AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH, it's available on Amazon. The book is a humorous collection of my bad movie comics, parody sci-fi art, and scenes from the spoof b-movie screenplays I present on YouTube, like CHAINSAW ZOMBIE SLEEPOVER and LASER SWORD JONES VS. THE JIVE-ASS SPACE MONSTER! Yes! Witness the humor and horror of no-budget filmmaking. It’s all the fun of an alien invasion and a midnight movie featuring monsters, aliens, robots, and psycho killers (that make terrible puns before they attack!)

Book Trailer...

Comics and Art from the book, AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH...

"All I want from my art is the kind of success
 you can rub in other people's face."
-James A. Roberson (JARHUMOR)

Here's me acting out one of my b-movie screenplays...

You can find more of my screenplay and comic videos on YouTube.

Areas of Expertise / Interests:

Monster, Sci-Fi and B-Movies from the 1950's to 1990's. Hollywood vs. Independent Filmmaking, (film and television industry.)

- Being an Independent Artist, Self-Publishing, Promoting via Social Media, Designing / Selling merchandise.

- Developing art / writing skills, positive thinking, setting goals, turning your passion into something (building a brand.)

Media & Business inquiries can email me:

Fans & Weirdos please contact me via the twitter @jarhumor.