Shark Tornado

Sharks in a Tornado? Sometimes a cheesy TV horror movie comes along and captures the imaginations of people everywhere. The Syfy Original Sharknado is one of those films. Get the T-Shirt! Throw Pillow, Shower Curtain, tote bag, or Coffee Mug. More Art...

More Conky that man, Mr. Herman (or Pee Wee as he is known to his playhouse friends) cries out out like a dirty dog, "I know you ARE. But WHAT am I?" Get the T-Shirt! or Coffee Mug.

Not a Wocket in my Pocket, it’s a Critter in my, well, a very uncomfortable place. Like the back of a Volkswagen. My mashup of the Dr. who we call Seuss, and the eighties horror flick Critters. Get the Censored T-Shirt or Uncensored t-shirt.

More Bad Movie Comics on tumblr. And check out my Coffee Mugs.

I'm a big Sci-fi and B-Movie nerd who loves putting Robots and Monsters in my cartoon art; like my super cool Creeping Eye Monster or my adorably funny Beeping Robot. Sometimes I mash them together and create awesomeness like my Robot Vampire!