They Came...

For Mother’s Day, I present this work of B-Movie horror THEY CAME FROM YOUR VAGINA! Greeting Card, T-Shirt, Sticker, Coffee Mug.

Nobody likes being hacked up by a hack. I'm cleaver, buy my crap.

Robot Monster / Doctor Who inspired BLOODY HUMANS t-shirt.

Support single robot moms with a t-shirt or coffee mug.

SEE... Beverage Containers from Other Worlds and Beyond!

Horror Movie fans know that Zombies and Werewolves will bit whoever! But not vampires; Dracula is far too classy to go around sucking on just anyone. Undead creatures of the night have standards. Get the t-shirt or Coffee Mug.

I vont to drain your BATteries! The chilling voice modulations of the Gizmo Ghoul! The Duracell Dracula! The Voltage Vampire! Lock your keypad and minimize your Windows! And hope you never interface with — ROBOT VAMPIRE! Get this art as a t-shirt or coffee mug.

Cover your torso with wearable humor.