Robots are NOT... Lame, played out, or wack. Robots ARE and will always be cool beans. You are the one who is wack. I even put robots (and monsters) on T-SHIRTS! More Robot stuff...

Let's do our part to make this a better world. A clean world. A world controlled by robots. GET THE T-SHIRT!

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Are You My Data? I’m not really sure how robots procreate, but I’m sure the words input and output are involved. GET THE T-SHIRT!

I have drawn myself as a human boombox flipping the sexy switch on this love machine. GET THE T-SHIRT!

This young robot probably picked-up this kind of talk from all those droids in those sci-fi space movies. GET THE T-SHIRT!

For all you makers, builders, and engineers out there. As ye think so shall ye build... or something like that. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Robots (much like their makers) love to share data… by binary code, text, or just some beeping and light blinking. GET THE T-SHIRT!

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