The Thing

Laser Sword Jones and Dookie from my Screenplay Videos have made their way into my Bad Movie Comics. For more comics, art, and whatnot check out my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH.

Strange Soup - Alien Ghosts 2 - Paranormal Comedy

The first ten pages of Laser Sword Jones Vs. The Jive-Ass Space Monster can be found in my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH.

Check out my Bad Movie Comics videos on YouTube.

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The Thing With Too Many Eyes! A monster with even more eyes than the b-movie classic The Beast With A Million Eyes! GET THE T-SHIRT!

An Alternate version of the Laser Sword Jones Comic. Which version do you like better? Let me know via the twitter @jarhumor. 

This mutant space octopus did try to blow up Earth and enslave the human race, but he hopes that you’re willing to just hug it out, bro. Inspired by the b-movie classic Octaman. GET THE T-SHIRT! 

Awful Movies From Earth! A humorous collection of bad movie comics, parody sci-fi art, and scenes from spoof b-movie screenplays by James A. Roberson (JARHUMOR) Get the book on Amazon!

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