It's Always Halloween

It's Always Halloween! Get the T-SHIRT or the STICKER. Sure you may watch a scary movie on Halloween, but for weirdos and creeps like me it's an everyday thing. "This isn't a costume, it's a way of life!" Everyday is Halloween! Check out more spooky-ness in MY SHOP.

Happy Halloween! I spent good money to stay in this creepy haunted hotel (or maybe it's just a really crappy hotel.) See all the weird stuff that happened to me. It's spooky! Watch the video on YouTube.

Murder Basement. More comics on WEBTOON.

It's Halloween time, but for Creeps like me everyday is filled with monsters, horror flicks, and pretending to be or fight-off zombies. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Human Halloween! Aliens don't get it, but I'll do my best to explain what humans (both the out going party people and the anti-social nerds) do on this strange Earth holiday. Check out the full length comic strips and the Video on YouTube. Plus, you can find these comics and more in my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH.

Who is Killer Man... The Man Who Kills Teenagers? Does he have a tragic back story filled with torment, loss, or science gone wrong?

Beware! Beware the house on Ghost Murder Blvd!

Awful Movies From Earth! A humorous collection of bad movie comics, parody sci-fi art, and scenes from spoof b-movie screenplays by James A. Roberson (JARHUMOR) Get the book on Amazon!

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