The Thing

Laser Sword Jones and Dookie from my Screenplay Videos have made their way into my Bad Movie Comics. For more comics, art, and whatnot check out my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH.

Awful Movies from Earth

AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH! A humorous collection of bad movie comics, parody sci-fi art, and scenes from spoof b-movie screenplays, like CHAINSAW ZOMBIE SLEEPOVER and LASER SWORD JONES VS. THE JIVE-ASS SPACE MONSTER!  Get the book on Amazon!

Film is Forever

Low-budget filmmaking, especially horror, can be brutal on actors; victims get covered in fake blood and the murderous movie monsters sweat their asses-off in rubber masks. For more Bad Movie Comics check out my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH.

Da Mummy

Hey! Must Be Da Mummy! GET THE T-SHIRT! This classic monster art is part of the parody art, bad movie comics, and b-movie scripts in my book AWFUL MOVIES FROM EARTH available on Amazon.

Last Omega Legend

The End of Human People (aka Last Omega Legend) tells the story of Joe Human, the last of people-kind wondering a wasteland full of robots, aliens, and mutants. Much like The Last Man on Earth, or The Omega Man, or I am Legend. Watch the Video on YouTube.

Lizard People

What if the power and influence of social media fell into the hands of evil lizard people who wanted to turn us all into negative crap spewing A-holes? Well, that's what happens in my new screenplay Hashtag Lizard People. Check out my Sci-fi Comedy T-Shirts!