Lizard People

What if the power and influence of social media fell into the hands of evil lizard people who wanted to turn us all into negative crap spewing A-holes? Well, that's what happens in my new screenplay Hashtag Lizard People. Check out my Sci-fi Comedy T-Shirts!

Movie Culture

You can't spell "culture" without "cult." Movies are important and they bring people together in a very "ONE OF US," "ONE OF US," sort of way. If you enjoy Sci-fi Horror Comedy, check out my T-Shirts!

Real Monsters

I don't need a horror movie to show me how horrible people are; I can see that for free everyday. Show me something really scary... like Alien Bugs that can look like sexy ladies. ...T-Shirts!

Weird Love

SHARE the love with these funny sci-fi horror valentines. Cuz nothing says "I love you, you Weirdo" like Aliens, Bugs, Chainsaws, and Robots. Get this Valentine's Day card as a Printable PDF.

Looking Fly

All the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy, but I think they mean it in more of a 1986 Cronenberg's The Fly sort of way. If you wanna look fly all the time get a telepod or GET THE T-SHIRT!

Alien Ghosts

Sometimes when a family moves into a new house they discover a bunch of weird stuff. Watch the video on YouTube. And sometimes that weird stuff is the result of their house being built on top of a crashed UFO and a bunch of dead aliens. T-Shirts! More...

This Movie Sucks!

Vampires know a lot about sucking because they’ve been in a bunch of awful horror movies. Also, they suck people’s blood… Hey, yeah… they suck blood! ...I just got it. GET THE T-SHIRT!