Robot Monster Attack!

I'm a big Sci-fi and B-Movie nerd who loves putting Robots and Monsters in my cartoon art; like my super cool Creeping Eye Monster or my adorably funny Beeping Robot. Sometimes I mash them together and create awesomeness like my Robot Vampire

Here's some more Robot and Monster art...

Bug Bunny

Like something out of a Cronenberg Sci-fi Horror movie comes the nightmare fuel that is Bug Bunny! The Easter THING that lays colorful eggs for Jeezus!

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Saucer Men Invasion

This snarling alien was inspired by the 1950’s B-movie classic Invasion of the Saucer Men (also known as Invasion of the Hell Creatures or Spacemen Saturday Night.)

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Besides camp killers, evil dolls, and dream demons; the 80’s also gave us little furry aliens that wanted to eat more than the Tanner family’s cat. I’m talking about the cult horror classic CRITTERS.

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Gold Greedings

Aye, a printable Leprechaun mask... Print'em! Wear'em! Demand gold!
Here's some "Greedings" to share, but I need help writing more:

I Jason Camp

Horror fans know summer camp is a time for undead machete revenge killing. Artwork inspired my the Friday the 13th movies. Get this art on a T-shirt, Vinyl Sticker, Poster, Mug, or whatnot...

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Shark To My Tornado

You Are the Shark to My Tornado! Valentine's Day art.

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