Shrink Ray Cat

Release your inner Mad Scientist / Cat Lover / Human Disliker by proclaiming, "If I had a shrink ray my cat would have so many humans to eat." A sci-fi fantasy that is both adorable and horrifying. Print, T-Shirt, Poster, Sticker, Greeting Card, Mug.

Troll 2

Oh My God! That dream where you wake up in Nilbog and the Troll 2 Queen (Creedence Leonore Gielgud) played by Deborah Reed turns you into a house plant then lumber jacks you. You know that dream, right? No. Oh, well. My art on stuff. More Bad Movie stuff...

Let's Hug It Out!

Yes, this mutant space octopus did try to blow up Earth and enslave the human race, but he hopes that you’re willing to just hug it out, bro. Loosely inspired by the b-movie classic Octaman. Print, T-Shirt, Poster, Sticker, Mug, iPhone Case, Greeting Card

Make Art

Let nothing stand in your way while making art. Being creative, enjoying the process, that's what it's all about... Well, that and getting rich and telling all the haters to suck it. ...My Art.

Eye Rex

You Maniacs! You used science to give a T-Rex robot vision! And I guess this art suggests it can also project its thoughts into our head! Print, T-Shirt, Sticker, Poster, iPhone Case. More Art...

The Thing That Wouldn't Flush

The next big sci-fi horror movie! A supernatural alien thriller! Get ready for the most horrific thing to every come out of a toilet. My art on T-Shirts and whatnot. More stuff...