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Let nothing stand in your way while making art. Enjoying the process is what it's all about... Well, that and making awesome weird stuff that only YOU and other weirdos get. T-Shirts!

Sci-fi Blaxploitation! What the heck I'm I talking about? Well, I'm talking about my screenplay: Laser Sword Jones Vs. The Jive-Ass Space Monster. Watch the Video on YouTube.

T-Shirts created by JARHUMOR! T-shirts that let people know that you have a sense of humor and a love of Aliens, Robots, Monsters, and other Sci-fi Horror stuff! Check'em out HERE!

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For all you makers, builders, creatives, and engineers out there. As ye think so shall ye build... GET THE T-SHIRT!

The Monster That Made Me Crap My Pants! The cinematic feat... That will leave you brown in the seat! A parody of the B-movie The Monster That Challenged The World. GET THE T-SHIRT!

Vampires know a lot about sucking because they’ve been in a bunch of awful horror movies. Also, they suck people’s blood… Hey, yeah… they suck blood! (I just got it.) GET THE T-SHIRT!

Have you seen “Creatures From The Earth Planet?” No. Well, we should watch in the 3D cinema! Get my humorous alien art on a human t-shirt in my SHOP.